Emma Stone in Spider-Man Reboot? New Harry Potter 7 Trailer Premieres, Foster's a Friend, and More...

Emma Stone in Spider-Man Reboot? New Harry Potter 7 Trailer Premieres, Foster's a Friend, and More...

Sep 22, 2010

  •  It Girl Easy A star Emma Stone has made it to the top of Sony's short list for one of two leading lady roles in the Spider-Man reboot (Mary Jane?). She's also said to be looking at the lead in Jonah Hill's 21 Jump Street reboot.
  •  Hallows Be Thy Name Warner Bros. just released the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 trailer. Whattya think?
  •  Stone Deaf Shia LaBeouf admitted to trying unsuccessfully to correct Oliver Stone's awkward grammar in one of his lines in the new Wall Street, and was rebuffed by the stubborn director. As someone who shoved Alexander down our throats, this should come as no surprise.
  •  Thank You for Being a Friend Jodie Foster’s one tough cookie, and isn’t afraid to stand up for her pal and The Beaver star Mel Gibson. She tells More magazine, “He is and has been a true and loyal friend. I hope I can help him get through this dark moment." Now if she could only convince Summit to let us see Mel on-screen as the crazy guy talking to a puppet on his hand…
  •  Burka Burka Plot details are slowly leaking about the Wachowskis’ gay soldier love story (fake title Cobalt Neural 9). Here’s a supposed actual line from the script: "They rut like animals behind this fence"--referring to the lead character “Butch” (no, really) and an Iraqi militant. Take that, Brokeback Mountain!
  •  He’s Still Here…and Maybe Playing Queer? And more just in from the lavender grapevine…Joaquin Phoenix, who finally came clean about his fake retirement from movies, is mulling over playing Hoover’s gay lover in Clint Eastwood’s biopic opposite Leo DiCaprio. This would have been more intriguing 10 years ago.

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